You Are Welcome!

First Church is transforming people’s lives every week. Whether you are a youth experiencing Bible stories for the first time in our exciting Spirit Play Classroom, a young adult exchanging ideas and sharing yourself with others at Pub Theology, or an adult member participating in Aging Gracefully or Painting with Charlie, as a First Church member you grow, flourish and discover that you CAN change our world.

First Church allows us the privilege to serve one another. As church members, each of us serves our fellow member in countless ways, such as Passing the Peace, sharing a meal, sending out cards, visiting shut-ins or even helping with a fellowship event. We also get to serve our community with great opportunities for Outreach like Habitat for Humanity Critical home repair, the Community Meals Program and the Medical Mission to La Romana.

None of this programming can happen without financial support, that’s why we ask each and every member of First Church to make a monetary pledge. Pledging is vital for the existence of our church. It would be impossible for First Church to continue to exist if it weren’t for the faithful pledging of our members and friends. Pledges allow our governing board to create a realistic budget to carry out our programming throughout the year without interruption. Pledges not only allow us the ability to focus on our priorities, but also to fund the programming that is important to us and that supports our values.

You may wonder, how much should I give to Support First Church and all of its Ministries?

More than 70% of the annual budget, supporting all of our church ministries, depends on everyone’s regular pledged giving. For 2017, our average annual donation request per family is $2100, which is $175 per month or about $40 per week.
Some of us must give less, and some can give more, as personal finances allow.  We are grateful for everyone’s faithful pledge.

Please consider what meaningful amount of money would be appropriate for your family.
In order for First Church to sustain our budget and provide meaningful programs of spiritual and community transformation, we need your support. If you are a Helper in the categories below, please consider becoming a Supporter. If you are a Sustainer, make it a goal to become a Visionary. It may take some time to move into the next giving circle, but setting that goal now is a great start to helping First Church get closer to Creating Heaven on Earth for all of us.





The Church is  important to me The Church is a significant part of my life The Church is central to my identity The Church is a vital part of my life
  2% of Income 3% of Income 4% of Income 5% of Income
Income Monthly Payment Annual Payment Monthly Payment Annual Payment Monthly Payment Annual Payment Monthly Payment Annual Payment
$10,000 $16.67 $200 $25.00 $300 $33.33 $400 $41.67 $500
$25,000 $41.67 $500 $62.50 $750 $83.33 $1,000 $104.17 $1,250
$50,000 $83.33 $1,000 $125.00 $1,500 $166.67 $2,000 $208.33 $2,500
$75,000 $125.00 $1,500 $187.50 $2,250 $250.00 $3,000 $312.50 $3,750
$100,000 $166.67 $2,000 $250.00 $3,000 $333.33 $4,000 $416.67 $5,000
$150,000 $250.00 $3,000 $375.00 $4,500 $500.00 $6,000 $625.00 $7,500
$200,000 $333.33 $4,000 $500.00 $6,000 $666.67 $8,000 $833.33 $10,000